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Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure(For Career Foundation Courses)

  • Application Form is available on online mode at www.globalstudypoint.com.

  • Admission in Foundation Courses (6th, 7th, 8th & 91 is based only on the Entrance Exam. Registration fee of the Entrance Exam is Rs. 200 which will have to be deposited at the fee counter on the scheduled exam date.

  • There will be 100 multiple choice questions in the Question Booklet related to Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi and Mental Ability (20 Questions from each subject respectively). The candidate must score at least 50% marks to be qualified in the Entrance Exam.

  • If the candidate is unable to score qualifying marks, he/she will not be permitted to get admission in Pre-Nurture Career Foundation Courses.

  • The qualified candidate must deposit his/her 1st installment fee within three days of the declaration of the result. Failure to comply with any of the formalities may result in loss of the seat. Fees and other charges once paid are not refundable.

Admission Procedure(For Other Courses)

(1) The management reserves to itself the right of admission. New admissions are made only on the bases of Entrance Test. Available seats are limited. New admissions shall be stopped as and when the required number of seats are filled up.

(2) The minimum age for the admission to Nursery is 3  years and accordingly for the higher classes.

(3) The school reserves the right to make its own admission policy and to grant or refuse admission without giving any reason or explanation whatsoever. Admission cannot be claimed as of any right.

(4) Children selected for admission have to deposited the first installment of fee within three days. Failure to comply with any of the formalities may result in loss of the seat. Fees and other charges once paid are not refundable .

(5) Every new pupil must produce either Transfer Certificate, if he/she comes from a school recently attended or a Birth certificate if the candidate has not attended any school before. If the candidate comes from a school outside the state of Haryana, the School Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Education Officer of the place in which school is situated.

• The Principal has the right to suspend or require the withdrawal of any pupil without having to state any reason provided that he is satisfied that such action is necessary in the interest of the school.

• Aadhar Card along with four passport size photographs with fully completed admission form is essential at the time of admission.